Cloud Security

Although a fairly new concept cloud adoption is astronomically surging in organizations, with urgent needs and demands to provide 24x7 security coverage on all aspects of enterprise cloud usage. Unatek as an early adopter of the cloud has a wealth of indispensable experience.  With highly trained and cloud security certified engineers, Unatek provides a devise service offering in cloud security.

With leading experts and cloud certified experts, our best practices approach to Cloud Security helps our clients securely take advantage of dynamically connected cloud environments. Employing a holistic approach addresses cloud security from planning, to deployment, to management, we work with the clients and their service providers to secure their cloud deployments in all available realms.

Unatek can assist your organization secure your cloud hosted applications, network and IT deployment. From assessment to testing, we can help you to securely:

  • Evolve an application for cloud services; Develop new cloud-native applications;
  • Teach your staff Cloud Security;
  • Migrate to the Cloud;
  • Assess your cloud configuration

Our cloud offerings extend to the following services:

  • Penetration Testing: - we test to eliminate vulnerabilities in your server-side applications and APIs.
  • Static Application Security Testing: – we perform quick scan source code to find vulnerabilities.
  • Threat Modeling: – we analyze your security risk by thinking like a hacker.
  • Architecture Risk Analysis: - We find and remediate weaknesses in your design before they are exploited.
  • Network Security: - We assess the external attack surface of your cloud deployment.
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