Enterprise Architecture

Unatek provides both high-level planning as well as technical support for the implementation and enhancement of an agency's enterprise architecture. The Clinger-Cohen Act of 1996 mandates that all federal agencies maintain an Enterprise Architecture (EA). The importance of the EA has become more and more apparent throughout the Federal government, and in fact, state and local government agencies are realizing the value of developing an Enterprise Architecture. Becoming equally apparent, however, is the undeniable necessity of delivering the EA in a usable format and that it should be considered a process to be followed and not a static Web site or document in order to ensure a successful implementation. Unatek Enterprise Architecture services include:

  • Design Analytic Queries and Reporting Modules
  • Document and perform Business Process Modeling (Workflow)
  • Analyze Agency Enterprise Architecture
  • Analyze Technical Architecture
  • Design Reporting Process (Use Case Diagrams, Class Diagrams)
  • Develop Visual Modeling Search Criteria
  • Customization of Visual Modeling Tool as Appropriate (Scripts, Methods)
  • Develop Reports for required platforms (Excel and Java/JSP)
  • Testing (Unit, Integration, User Acceptance)
  • Perform Systems Implementation; and
  • Integration of Multiple Visual Modeling Tools