Forensics Consulting

Unatek provides comprehensive computer incident response and forensic services. Our forensic expertise is based on the Certified Computer Examiner (CCE) model and the International Association of Computer Investigation Specialist. The core areas of services are:

Computer Incident Response

  • Development of emergency response action plan based on NIST 800/61 and SANS Institute guidelines
  • Establishment of operational structure
  • Establishment of Security Operations Center (SOC)
  • Development and delivery of computer emergency response awareness training program

Business and Corporate Loss

  • Professional computer disaster recovery service
  • Identification of corporation internal security issues
  • Expert administrative, civil and criminal testimony
  • Conduct Preview Analysis to determine possible crime or internal theft
  • Computer/Intrusion /Network Analysis
  • Steganography-based /Digital Watermark Analysis

Legal Firms/Private Investigators

  • Professional computer/intrusion forensic capabilities
  • Case review and analysis
  • Expert criminal/civil testimony (including Federal Government)
  • Ability to recover electronic data
  • Legal case preparation
  • Establish acquisition protocol for electronic data

Business, Corporate, and Law Enforcement Support

  • Desktop Operating System Analysis (e.g., Windows 8, Windows 7, Unix, Linux)
  • Server Operating System Analysis (e.g., Windows 2008, 2012, Unix, Linux)
  • Professional computer/electronic data recovery services (including e-mail messages)
  • Retrieve formatted, password protected, encrypted (when possible, and deleted data.
  • Analysis of methods for storing electronic data/accessing systems.
  • Internet Use Analysis (e.g., Child Pornography, CHAT, News Groups)
  • Online Internet Services (e.g., MSN, AOL, Netscape)
  • Computer/Intrusion /Network Analysis
  • Steganography-based /Digital Watermark Analysis

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