IT Risk and Security Strategy

Security Strategy and Planning Service

Unatek has the experience and expertise to help your organization examine its security landscape to identify gaps and demonstrate which security postures can mitigate those risks:

  • Assess how your security program meets business risk mitigation objectives
  • Define a strategy to align your security program to business requirements
  • Optimize security investments to achieve greater benefits from your security budget
  • Understand how your security capabilities relate to one another to facilitate risk and regulatory compliance management

How it works

Using correlation and analytics tools, Unatek security intelligence can reduce the number of security events, attacks and incidents.

  • Develops a roadmap for implementing the required security capabilities to close identified gaps and help reduce risk
  • Communicates the security strategy and roadmap to business executives and other stakeholders
  • Defines roles and responsibilities needed to develop a more robust security solution
  • Measures your security posture and progress toward security goals


IT Risk Assessment Service

You can’t address what you can’t see. Hidden security gaps can expose you to data breaches or regulatory noncompliance, which could hurt your reputation and bottom line. Security Framework and Risk Assessment from Unatek can assess your security capabilities across common industry standards by using tools to identify gaps in controls, score the level of IT risk and prioritize remediation activities.

How it works

A security risk assessment from Unatek can give you the knowledge you need to help reduce security risks at all levels of your business.

  • Monitors and manages the network, servers and endpoints for threats and vulnerabilities
  • Identifies and prioritizes security risks to help reduce threat exposures and data loss risk
  • Helps proactively protect business-critical applications from external and internal threats
  • Helps enhance the security, privacy and integrity of raw and contextualized data throughout the information lifecycle
  • Collects and distills vast amounts of security data for alerting as well as for forensic analysis
  • Provides a foundation for better understanding threats, their sources and effective response


Our repeatable, measurable processes and roadmap to address your security needs help you:

  • Assess the impact of identified threats and vulnerabilities
  • Implement more effective short- and long-term strategies to enhance your security posture
  • Reduce financial risk and increase brand reputation and consumer trust


Security Policy Service

Working with teams of experienced professionals, we deliver services quickly and consistently on a global basis to meet industry-specific client requirements. Specific offerings include:

  • Policy development
  • Policy review
  • Policy updates
  • Policy assessments
  • Development of Operational Policies & Procedures
  • Development of IT Process & Procedures
  • Development of Strategic Policies


Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Service

Unatek provides organizations business continuity and disaster recovery services to minimize or eliminate disruptions to business operations that are sometimes unavoidable. Specific offerings include:

  • Development of Business Continuity Plan
  • Review/update of existing Business Continuity Plan
  • Development of a Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Development of practices and procedures to ensure business operations during a serious system or facility failure.
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