Mobile Security

Our mobile security offering extends to traditional and emerging frontiers such as BYOD. Using our time-tested Mobile Security Framework that reflects the breadth and depth of mobile considerations, we help companies realize the opportunities of new computing paradigms while understanding and managing the risks associated with the mobile technologies.

Our mobile security operations spans all known and evolving mobile usage in the industry today.  Whether your organization is use plain mobile cell phones, smart phones, blackberries or any other BYOD, we are able to assess, advice and provide you with all the mitigation you need to assure your organization is protected from both Internet and other risks.

Our coverage is unparalleled.

Using top notch experts and cutting-edge tools, we’ll find security issues regardless of where those risks exist. Our tests and tools are designed to find issues related to mobile applications in client-side code, server-side code, third-party libraries, and underlying mobile platforms. We then provide thorough analysis of results culminating in detailed reporting and actionable remediation guidance.

Nothing is out of bounds ….We never just dial it in

From our Cyber security command center all our tests come with remediation assistance. Why? Because running the tests is actually the easy part. It’s figuring out what to do with the laundry list of bugs you’re left with that’s difficult. Unatek’s experts manually read through your results, remove false positives, walk you through their findings, and help you build and implement an effective remediation plan.

We use custom and top brand tools

To better address the varying application security concerns and controls, Unatek’s security experts have built a customized mobile application security testing suite that combines proprietary static analysis and dynamic analysis tools.

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