Penetration Testing

Our IT security team designs and delivers high quality end-to-end penetration testing services necessary to build trusted e-Business and electronic relationships between clients, business and trading partners, shareholders and customers.

Major penetration service offerings include:

  • Proactive Social Engineering Security Service
  • Threat & Vulnerability Assessments Service
  • Penetration Testing Service


Proactive Social Engineering Security Service

Unatek has considerable experience in generating all the necessary information that can be used to test the effectiveness of the security controls of an organization. Our proactive Social Engineering approach is to assess our client's security posture through attempts to gain physical access to secured items through employee interaction. This is realized by exploiting weaknesses in personal interaction to gain access to equipment, data, sensitive material, or any other access objective for our client.

Upon completion of our engagement, Unatek submits a detailed report of the assessment findings, including identified assets and any other evidence that represents weaknesses. The report also prioritizes the weaknesses/vulnerabilities and details an action plan for remediation.

The immediate benefit to our client is the objective identification of its security weaknesses that can be used to proactively address the human factor in our client's overall security plan Penetration Testing Service.

Unatek has considerable experience in penetration testing on a variety of IT resources including Web applications, entire network infrastructure and selective network or IT resources.

Our recent experiences include penetration testing of the Industry Bank of Washington and tests conducted with KPMG for the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority at Reagan National and Dulles International Airports.

Unatek has always employed the best resources and technologies in all of our penetration testing engagements. By so doing, we are able to present a high level of reassurance based on our test results.


Threat & Vulnerability Assessments Service

Unatek provides a wide range of assessment including:

  • IT Operations Assessments
  • Network Assessments
  • Penetration Testing
  • Wireless Assessment - War Driving
  • 360 Risk Assessment
  • Application Assessments (web, database, custom)
  • Architecture Assessments
  • LDAP/Active Directory Assessment
  • SANS Top Twenty Assessment
  • Social Engineering
  • Threat Management Assessment
  • Modem Assessment - War Dialing
  • Vulnerability Management Assessment


Penetration Testing Service

The following are a sample of typical penetration testing tasks:

  • Discovery of asset or resources i.e. Application
  • Vulnerability Scanning Automated or scripted depending on needs and specifications
  • Validation
  • Target Prioritization
  • Web Application Penetration Testing
  • Upon completion of our testing, a detailed report that outlines the Asset Discovery and vulnerability findings with our Expert Analysis and Recommendations is submitted to our client